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Cherrydale’s Fundraising Super Heroes save the day!

Cherrydale Fundraising Super Hero saved my life!

I had just got home and the doorbell rang. I did not want to open it. Please go away. SHOOT! He saw me through the window. The little guy was peering in with a smile…I was caught.

I opened the door to his beaming face. “My school is fundraising. Would you like to buy something to help my school?”

Hmmm. “How does it help if I buy something?”

He got became excited and explained to me that his school was going to buy a 3D printer with the money they were raising and he only needed to sell 5 more items to help reach his goal.

I asked what his goal was and he exclaimed, “Oh…don’t you know about the Power of Ten? If everyone sells just 10 items over the next 10 days, we can fill our school’s piggy bank!”

Although I knew nothing about the Power of Ten I thought about the 3 D printer. Really? When I was in school we raised money for new playground stuff and library books.

Paging through the fundraising brochure I thought “Wow. The “stuff” looked really nice!” Each page had something that I actually WANTED TO BUY. The catalog they were selling out of looked like a Pottery Barn brochure.

A shopping fever come over me. I picked five items, sent him on his way, then completely forgot about it. A few weeks later he showed up at my door again with my fundraising purchases. He thanked me 3 times and told me they reached their goal because I bought from him. It was too cute!

A fundraising believer!

I thought this story was over but I have to share how these fundraising products changed my life. You do good, you get good back…and I’m a believer.

Mr. & Mrs. Mugs

The first fundraising item I picked was the Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right coffee mugs. I gave them as wedding present and the bride and groom brought them on their honeymoon. They posted pictures with the mugs on Instagram! The bride texted and asked where I got them. She wanted to give them as a gift for an upcoming wedding. I texted back: Cherrydale Fundraising at www.cherrydale.com.

Cherrydale Fundraising Mr. & Mrs. Mugs

Cherrydale’s fun Mr. & Mrs. Mugs

Mad Mama Microwave Cleaner

My second fundraising item was the Mad Mama Microwave Cleaner. This is amazing! Fill it with vinegar and water and turn on your microwave for 3 minutes and steam comes out of her head. You just wipe the microwave clean. EVEN the caked on dried food (not that my microwave gets that way) came off with one wipe. It’s now my secret weapon!

Cherrydale Micro Mama Microwave Cleaner

Clean your microwave oven fast and easy with Cherrydale’s Micro Mama Microwave Cleaner

Infusion Turkey Roaster

The Cherrydale Fundraising Infusion Turkey Roaster was next on my list. Since I was cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner, I needed all help I could get. I took it out of the box and put it in the pan. This thing was going to give me a juicy turkey? I was skeptical but I added chicken broth and butter in the cannon and placed my first turkey on it, slid it into the oven and prayed. 15 people were coming to dinner. I had one chance to get it right. The timer went off and I took it out of the oven to let it rest.

Cherrydale Infusion Turkey Roaster

A perfect Turkey every time with Cherrydale’s Infusion Turkey Roaster

Gravy Boat with Warmer

Which leads me to the forth fundraising item. Because my smother-in-law…I mean mother-in-law was coming for Thanksgiving, I needed all the help I could get. I brought out the gravy boat with warmer. Can’t have a juicy turkey with cold gravy! It was the perfect size and kept the gravy at a perfect temp.

Cherrydale Fundraising Gravy Boat & Warmer

Cherrydale Fundraising Gravy Boat & Warmer

Dinner was a success! Even my Mother-in-law said it was the best turkey she’d ever eaten. She even asked for my recipe!! Good thing no asked for the gravy recipe. I would’ve lied because I got it out of a jar. But it stayed hot and everyone asked where I got the warmer.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

The last item did not save my life. It made it much better. After everyone left, I sat down with a glass of wine and reached into my secret drawer. Under the bills, was my box of Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels. They were safe under the bills. I opened up the box and popped one in my mouth. It was a bit heaven here on earth. I wanted to stop at one. But I worked hard. I ate two. It was stressful day. So I ate a third. I just survived Thanksgiving. I ate six. Don’t judge.

Cherrydale Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Delicious Cherrydale Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

I did survive my first Thanksgiving and owe it all to the boy next door. A special thank you goes out to my new friends at Cherrydale Fundraising. Now I can’t wait for the fundraising season. I’m looking forward to hearing my doorbell ring!

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