Shooting for 100% Fundraising Participation

Is 100% participation even possible?

It sounds a little crazy at first. I mean no one gets 100% participation from people for anything, right?

Actually, getting 100% participation in the annual fundraising effort is the #1 goal of many private schools, churches, and other organizations that depend on a high percentage of donations to survive. Even if someone’s contribution is only a few dollars, their donation goes towards achieving the treasured 100% mark.

Why is 100% participation so important?

For starters, large donors to nonprofit groups often ask if the group gets 100% participation for their campaigns. Grants and government money is also often provided for those organizations who can claim the 100% participation rate.

Obviously, this goal is about more than the money. Reaching 100% indicates that everyone in the community is united. It shows that people who are involved with the group, even if they are supported completely by scholarship, are invested in the success of the fundraising efforts.

As far as product fundraising, many are often happy with much lower percentages of participation. As long as the financial goal is reached, it is consider it a success.

On your next campaign, consider challenging your group to reach 100% participation. What would that look like? How could you achieve this, and how would it change your conversations with others in the community?

It would most likely be a radical shift. It may even feel impossible. But consider that many groups and organizations do it every year and how it strengthens their entire group. It may be worth a try to see what happens!

Feel free to share your challenge or story with us!

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