Make memories with a Candy Cane Holiday Shoppe


Put away the monster masks and pack away the princess dresses. Halloween is just a chocolate-smeared memory. The kids will come down from their sugar high and soon their thoughts will turn to the holidays. What they’re getting and what they’re giving. A Holiday Shoppe is your opportunity for the giving to be simple.

Getting is always fun, but it’s also important to show children that giving has its own specialness too. Watch kids at gift-giving occasions. They love to give and are excited to see how the gift they chose to give to someone they love is received. But this has it’s own set of challenges. It’s difficult for parents to find time to bring them to the mall. It’s hard to find gifts that are inexpensive but are quality. And then there’s the wrapping!

A Candy Cane Holiday Shoppe can be the answer to all of this! You will have parents thanking you for this opportunity and the kids will feel like they did their holiday shopping all on their own!

What is a Candy Cane Holiday Shoppe?

It’s an in-school shopping experience run by volunteers. Quality gift items that are geared for moms and dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, siblings, friends and event pets are sent on consignment just like a book fair. It’s all set up in a “store” atmosphere where students are given the opportunity to shop for loved ones. The students create their Holiday Gift-Giving list and buy in a controlled setting. And since all the items are priced from 25 cents to $10, they can create and watch their budget.

The Candy Cane Holiday Shoppe is geared toward students in grades pre-K through the 8th grade. We suggest that you run your Holiday Shoppe for 5 days. Use Day 1 as a preview for the students, 3 to 4 days for shopping and 1 additional day for kids to come back with additional people on their list and money. Although a Holiday Shoppe can be done in 3 days, it is not ideal.

The Candy Cane Holiday Shoppe is easy to sign up for and is proud of the quality products that we supply. Here are some FAQs for what, we feel, is the best Holiday Shoppe ever!

dadgrampa-gift-line premium-jewelry momgramma-gift-line kids-toys

When should we run our Candy Cane Holiday Shoppe?

We have sessions for following weeks. Pick one and contact a representative. But hurry because available times run out quickly.
11/28 thru 12/2
12/5 thru 12/9
12/12 thru 12/16
12/19 thru 12/23

How quickly can we get started after submitting our contract?
We will ship product within 3 days of receiving your contract, but we recommend that you sign up before November 1st.

Can I get samples to show my schools?
We sell “sample kits” if you need to display product before your start date. Just ask!

What markup can I use?
0%, 5%, 10%, 15% or 20%. You get to decide if you want this to be a fundraiser or a service your PTO/PTA group provides for the students.

If we sell out of an item(s), can we place a reorder?
YES! A Re-Order form is available online. Fill it out and email or fax it to The Candy Cane Holiday Shoppe. Reorders are guaranteed for Next Day delivery if it is in by 1:00 p.m.

Is shipping included in our price?
Shipping is FREE with sales over $1,500. A $75 shipping charge is applied if the order is under $1500.

What if product arrives damaged or is missing product upon delivery?
No worries! Just call customer service and we will handle it immediately. In most cases, you will be instructed to record it on the “Merchandise Returns Worksheet” and you won’t be charged. If you need a replacement, put it on your first reorder.

Can we pick out the items we want?
Every school gets the same package of products because we pre-build our kits, but we guarantee that you will love our selection.

How much product will be sent to us?
We determine how much inventory to send based on the information you provide.
We ask you:

  • Number of students
  • Percentage of students on free and reduced lunch
  • If you’ve done a Holiday Shoppe before
  • What was the net dollar amount paid to the previous Holiday Shoppe vendor?
  • If no, how much did you net from your last fundraiser?

How are the items shipped?
All the inventory and supplies you need will be shipped UPS.

How many volunteers are needed?
You will need a minimum of 4 to 5 volunteers to help the kids, watch the product and run the cash register/cash register app. We suggest you rotate your volunteers during the day to make it easy and convenient for your volunteers. They will love helping out the students!

Plus we have signing bonuses! Added items to make your sale easier, more fun and more profitable!

Go to the website for more information, testimonials, a closer look at the quality gift items we provide and the signing bonus. Then call 877-711-4525 or email. We will have a representative contact you today! Get started on your Candy Cane Holiday Shoppe and see first hand how the thrill of selecting gifts for their loved ones will create memories that last a lifetime.

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