Come to Cherrydale’s Winter Warehouse Sale

Cherrydale Fundraising Winter Warehouse Sale

Cherrydale Fundraising Winter Warehouse Sale

You are invited to the Cherrydale Fundraising Warehouse Sale!

LANSDALE, PA Warehouse Sale
Thursday, December 8, 9 am to 6 pm
Friday, December 9, 9 am to 6 pm
Saturday, December 10, 9 am to 5 pm

St. Cloud, MN Warehouse Sale
Thursday, December 15, 7 am to 7 pm
Friday, December 16, 7 am to 7 pm
Saturday, December 17, 8 am to 2 pm

Stock Up and Save on Quality Products at the Winter Warehouse Sale! 

Up To 90% Off

Up to 90% off

Frozen Foods: Cheesecake, rolls/cakes, cookie dough, pizza, and soups.
Shelf Stable Foods: Gift boxed chocolate, mixes, seasonings, nuts, snacks, and all kinds of delicious treats.
Jewelry, Kitchen Essentials, Housewares and Home Décor (holiday & everyday items), PLUS Toys.
Extra Heavy Wrapping Paper!
All food and gift items up to 90% OFF at the Warehouse Sale

You’ll find excellent gifts, stocking stuffers, personal purchases and all the tools you’ll need to create personalized gifts this holiday season too!

– Create gift baskets or mugs with themed products!

– Extra heavy wrapping paper is ideal for crafting and home décor projects from lining drawers, to decorating walls, and more (as seen on Pintrest), and of course for wrapping perfect presents! Shop for bold patterns, solids, traditional patterns and holiday and all-occasion designs to meet any and every taste!

– Plan ahead by stocking up on clever gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, teachers, teammates, weddings, co-workers, etc., to use throughout the year.

Mark your calendar & see you there!

Shop smart at any warehouse sale or sample sale 

Save on Cherrydale Overstock Items

Stock Up and SAVE on Cherrydale Fundraising Overstock items.

Have a solid game plan going in to any sample or warehouse sale. The following tips will help you get the most out of your visit.

Get there early: If you want the best selections, arrive before the sale start time. To access the VERY best selections, attend the first day of the sale. The flipside is to attend the last day of the sale… The variety will be less, but prices will be marked-down to get rid of remaining inventory.

 Don’t worry about looking fancy: Comfort is the order of the day. Dress comfortably, pair your outfit with sneakers or low-heeled shoes, and bring your own bags. Don’t forget to bring a light snack and water to tide you over while you wait in line to enter.

Leave the kids at home: A very busy sale environment tends to result in very unhappy children who just want to go home. Without them tagging along and causing you unnecessary stress, you’ll be more efficient and observant as you go though the merchandise, and will enjoy the experience far more!

Hone your patience: If you’ve ever shopped clearance racks in your favorite store and become annoyed at the sheer volume and disorder of it, sample and warehouse sales take this to another level! Prepare yourself for the inevitable and remember your best friend will be patience. To save time, stay focused on searching for items that you really want. Objects are never worth fighting over, regardless of the discount!

Know when a deal is not really a deal: There’s a reason why some items are marked down to drastically reduced prices. It’s because nobody bought them in the first place. Avoid heat of the moment purchases and items that will sit in your closet or cupboard for years unused. If you check out a company’s website to view their catalogs prior to attending, you can create a shopping list as well as compare prices.

Be aware of the BEST values: Food is always a best buy! Stock up on large quantities and be aware of expiration dates if you plan to store food products for later use.

Many people learn of sample and warehouse sales via word-of-mouth. Most companies don’t broadcast their warehouse sales to the general public, except in major cities. If you happen to have a friend who knows a friend who works for a brand you love, let them know you’d like to receive sale announcements via e-mail.

If sample or warehouse sales don’t occur in your area, an increasingly popular alternative is the world of online sample sales, so be sure to utilize that resource and check for online deals!

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