Celebrate New Year’s Eve Family-Style!

New Year with Family

New Year with a crafty family

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to celebrate the accomplishments of everyone in your family. Make it time to reminisce on all the positives from the past year and start planning goals for the upcoming year. Here are a few ways you can create some great family memories, build your kiddos’ confidence and celebrate the great times as a family!

New Year’s Eve Dance Breaks

Throughout the evening have the kids’ fav music ready to play. Randomly announce, “It’s time for a dance break!” Play music and dance like crazy for a couple of minutes. You could give prizes for the most impressive dance moves, but remember, parental participation is a must!

Confetti Showdown

Partially fill balloons with confetti, then fill with helium. Write a number on each balloon with a sharpie for every hour or half hour before midnight. Give each child a chance to explode a balloon at a given time with a marshmallow or nerf gun. Then enjoy the rainfall of confetti!

Homemade Confetti Poppers

Wash and recycle used coffee pods. Cut out the bottom. Take a balloon and cut it half. Tie the end shut, but don’t blow it up. Stretch it small end of your pod. Fill with confetti. Pull balloon down while firmly holding the pod upright, let go and POP!

Confetti Poppers

Make confetti poppers for New Year’s Eve

Memory Scavenger Hunt

Collect photos of 2016 family memories. Tape the photos on to a piece of construction paper and write the month or date on the back. Hide them and have the kids find them. Discuss the memories after kids put them in chorological order on the floor. Use a photo collage program to print them all out to save ink! The photos don’t have to be large. You will also need some construction paper, double stick tape, a marker, and scissors. Have fun with the hunt and the memories!

family Photo memory Game

Make New Year’s Eve Memorable with Photo Memory Game

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