Build Fun with Building Block Molds

Lots of fun with Building Block Molds

Building Lots of Fun with Block Molds

Building blocks foster creativity. When you can make chocolate or gummie building blocks, that just builds a whole new level of fun!

These silicone Building Block Molds are available in the 2016 Fall Product Brochure from Cherrydale Fundraising. You get two…that means twice the fun!

Building Blocks Mold Set of 2

Building Blocks Mold Set of 2 from Cherrydale Fundraising

You can certainly use them to make ice cubes, but let us give you a few more ideas on what to do with them:

  • Freeze juice or flavored drinks and use them instead of ice cubes

    Building Block Mold Ice Tray

    Building Blocks Mold as ice tray

  • Freeze ice cream in them for different take on boring cookies and ice cream dessert
  • Use them as candy molds for cake and cupcake decorations

    Building Blocks Mold Chocollate

    Building Blocks Mold as a chocolate mold

  • Use them during clay/play dough time and make blocks to build with
  • Make gummie candy blocks! There is a pretty awesome YouTube Video that shows how to make them. All you need are these ingredients: Corn Syrup, different flavored gelatins, and unflavored gelatin.

Lego Block Gummies

Make building block tummies from mold

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