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Now you did it. You’re the PTO chair and are now in charge of volunteers, book drives and fundraisers. Knowing what to raise money for is easy. How to raise that money is not as simple. You will need a great program with unique fundraising products. For as many different ways there are to fundraise, there are that many companies that will tell you they can guarantee fundraising success.

Start with a reputable company that has been in the fundraising business for a long time. They will have many programs from which you can choose, different programs and structures that will fit your group with a variety of fundraising products. Choose a company that has seasoned, experienced representatives that will help you from beginning to end. Take a good look at the fundraising product that you will be selling. Is it quality? Is it priced competitively compared to other fundraising companies and to retail? Is it that same line of items every other group is selling?

Cherrydale Fundraising has been fundraising for schools and groups for decades. Their seasoned representative will help you from beginning to end. They have many programs and will help you choose the one that is right for you. But best of all, they have unique, quality fundraising products that other fundraising companies don’t and can’t carry in their brochures.

If you choose to fundraise with a product brochure, you are assured that Cherrydale Fundraising has the most unique, quality fundraising products at a competitive price. You will not be fundraising with the same ol’, same ol’ that every other group is selling. Our kitchen gadgets are useful and well-made, our home décor is beautiful and substantial, gift items are fun and original, our frozen foods are tasty, our chocolates are rich, creamy and delicious and our much of our gift wrap is exclusively designed for Cherrydale Fundraising.

As you look through the myriad of fundraising brochures, look at the product that is inside.

Giftwrap and Accessories

Gift Wrap

Cherrydale Fundraising designs a majority of its holiday gift wrap making it unique in the fundraising industry. We research trends and have wrap designs that satisfy the traditional, whimsical, retro and modern tastes. When you use Cherrydale Fundraising you have the opportunity to offer our exclusive Duo Rolls. Duo Rolls are two coordinating gift wraps that are rolled together as opposed to a reversible paper. The paper is thick and many designs include holographics, foil and textures. In addition to our Duo Rolls, we carry jumbo reversible roll designs, single rolls and coordinating treat tins, bags, bows and labels. All the accessories you need to wrap up the holidays.

Home Decor

Home Decor and gifts from Cherrydale Fundraising

Serving & Entertaining

Serving & Entertaining items from Cherrydale Fundraising

Gift Items and Home Décor

Just as we research trends in wraps, we are always watching for the latest home decorating trends and unique gift giving ideas for everyone on your list. Much of our home décor is designed exclusively for Cherrydale Fundraising and we are very particular about the quality. We are also proud to offer WoodWick® candles in scents that you will only find in our fundraising brochures. As an added sales benefit, our retail pricing is at or below what you will find online or in stores.

kitchen essentials

Kitchen Essentials from Cherrydale Fundraising

Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen helpers and gadgets are big sellers in all fundraising brochures. Cherrydale Fundraising has a large selection of items that can only be found in our brochures. From time-saving to labor saving items, our kitchen items are priced so you have more purchases and more profits for your sale.

Gourmet Mixes

Gourmet Mixes from Cherrydale Fundraising

Frozen Foods from Cherrydale

Frozen Foods from Cherrydale

Frozen Gourmet Food and Mixes

Cherrydale Fundraising provides tasty treats that are best sellers. From Cookie Dough to pizza, our frozen items best sellers across the country. We partner with nationally-known companies to provide our sponsors with the tastiest gourmet treats.

Cherrydale Chocolates

Delicious Cherrydale Chocolates

Cherrydale Chocolates

For 100 years, Cherrydale Farms has been making gourmet chocolates. These delightful confections are a best seller any time of year. If you want to do a candy bar sale, Cherrydale’s Chocolate Bar program definitely raises the fundraising bar. We offer programs for $1 and $2 bars of the best flavors of Cherrydale chocolate, plus offer a $5 Chocolate Bites Program…we are America’s Premiere Chocolate Supplier.

Choosing a fundraising company is more than percentages and prizes. A successful fundraiser is a combination of participation and profits that results from professional experience, programs that work and quality fundraising products. It’s a guaranteed combination with Cherrydale Fundraising Company…America’s Fundraising Company.

Are you ready to fundraise? Contact Cherrydale Fundraising today or go to www.cherrydalefundraising.com for your FREE Fundraising Information Kit.

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