Maximize Your Fundraising Profits: Participate

Participate to make a profit

Participate to Make a Profit

Welcome back to school and maximizing fundraising profits! It’s no secret that “Promotion Makes Profit,” but HOW you promote matters. We live in a world where attention spans are short and to-do lists are long, but we are more connected than ever before!

Use the “Cherry Bits” below to maximize the profit of your upcoming fundraiser. Watch your organization EARN more!

Engage teachers to get involved and make a difference.

You’ve excited students, but you still need to appeal to the staff (and parents) and make sure they know what your schools’ needs are! Communicating how the money raised will be spent is very important!

Denise Lessert, one of our top Cherrydale reps in the Midwest, developed these steps for principals and PTO/A Chair people to increase teacher support. Use these proven steps to engage YOUR teachers (and families).

Week of Kick Off Staff Meeting and Video

  • Schedule a staff meeting to review fundraising goals, show the video provided and simply ASK FOR THEIR SUPPORT! Provide the video link to any staff that cannot make the staff meeting.
  • Video link for Teacher Help –
  • Sample email to send staff: “Tomorrow we kick off our fundraiser!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to bring your class to our assembly. You make such a difference in the success of our fundraiser, so please take a moment to watch the video link above, before the kick-off. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow & thank you for all you do!”

Add creative incentives to encourage participation and include everyone.

It’s not what you “give” but what you “do” that matters most to students and parents. So put the FUN back in FUNdraising with incentives like: “Extended Recess,” “No Homework Pass,” “Fast Pass” (to be the first in line!), “Teacher for an Afternoon,” (swap desks for an hour), “Principal Limo Rides” (surprise winners with a ride by the principal in his or her rolling chair) or “VIP Lunch” (teachers and/or principal serves students). The list of free, fun, fabulous incentives to you can add to your Cherrydale prize package, goes on and on. For more ideas read through Cherrydale Fundraising’s Power of 10 Brochure. powerof10_web.

Be creative and work with teachers and your principal, to make this fundraiser your own!

Reach out to parents so they know your schools’ needs are real!

Great products, great prizes and great marketing are needed, but we also need parents and teachers to know that without the money this fundraiser earns, their students’ educational experience will be less than it should be!

Communicating how fundraising dollars will be spent is important and should take place before the sale starts, on the day of the kick off, and during the duration of the sale. Let’s face it, kids just need FUN prizes…Parents need a ‘gentle’ push. They need to know two things: (1) How the money raised will directly benefit their child.

(2) What they specifically must do to help. Send parents the The Power of 10 / Sell 10 video!

To reach parents, Denise’s success plan continues as follows:

Kick-Off Day thru End

  • Tell parents via email that the fundraising packets are coming home today and ASK FOR THEIR SUPPORT!
  • Attach this Video link on the Power of 10 –
  • Place the letter with all the details in your school newsletter telling parents how the fundraising dollars will be spent and, if possible, email the letter to them.
  • Continue to use your school website, school Facebook page, Instagram, and other available social media to highlight prize giveaways during the sale, remind parents of dates, what are we raising money for and continue to ask for their support. If you’re not creating energy with your staff and parents and continuing to do this during the sale time…you’re NOT making the most of YOUR fundraiser.
  • Acknowledge extraordinary efforts by students/families and interview them for the newsletter or PTO Facebook page. Thank them and have them share their “tips for success” and what motivated them to help.

Network with Social Media.

Use the social media banner art that Cherrydale emails you on your PTO/A and school website and Facebook page and link right to the Cherrydale shopping site! Facebook promotion is a great way to reach supporters. Utilize it because stats are pretty powerful:

– 1.71 billion active users per month.

– 1.13 billion people log on daily.

– 4.5 billion Likes are generated daily.

– 29.7% of users are 25-34.

– 76% of users are female.

– Highest traffic occurs between 1-3 pm.

– Average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes.

Use your school website, school and PTO Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and other social media to highlight prize giveaways during the sale, to remind parents of dates, what they are raising money for and to continually ask for their support.

Taking the steps above to EARN more will take your fundraiser to a new high level. Get out there TODAY and start promoting, posting and communicating the powerful purpose the money raised will fund, to maximize your profit!

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